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How to Keep That Beautiful, Healthy Smile – Straight from the Doctors

Everyone is dreaming of that beautiful, healthy, almost Hollywood smile. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with one, and to make matters worse, even our own habits make us farther away from this dream. But don’t lose hope yet; here are some advices on how you can get closer to that dream smile (straight from the experts themselves).

1. For a Brighter, Whiter Teeth

For brighter and whiter teeth, several procedures can be done, but of course, these procedures would depend on the extent of the stain or discolorations as one dental expert suggests. If the problem are external stains (which are mostly due to diet or smoking), whitening or bleaching can be done. Whitening pastes can also be used at home if you opt for something more affordable. Patients are advised to be extra careful with products that contain abrasive agents as these can be harmful. To be safe, opt for products that contain Hydrogen Peroxide, this prevents damage to the gums and other parts of the oral cavity.

2. Electric Brush to Fight Plaque

Most of us develop the habit of regularly brushing our teeth, but what most of us don’t know Is often times we brush the wrong way. Most are even not aware of the things we are not suppose to do when we are brushing. This is where an electric brush comes handy, with this type of brush movement are controlled and the plaque is removed easily without damage to the teeth or gums. This is because the electric brush exerts the right amount of pressure. If you are not so certain about the way your brush or if you cannot apply the right brushing techniques, then an electric brush would fit you well.

3. Bad Breath Prevention

Respiratory problems, digestive problems and gum diseases can lead to halitosis or bad breath. This gets worse when food particles get stuck in the crevices in between the teeth, prevent so by brushing properly and flossing to get rid of food particles. Brush twice a day and floss after brushing. An interdental cleaner can also be used if there are natural gaps in between the teeth, just make sure to use it under the guidance of your dentist. Take note, using mouthwash would only provide a temporary relief.

4. Healthy Teeth Leads to a Healthy Heart

Paying close attention to your dental health doesn’t only lead to a beautiful smile; it also brings you close to a healthier heart. How? Studies have shown that periodontal problems can lead to heart problems. Bacteria causing these periodontal diseases can migrate to the heart and blood vessels causing plaque formation, which in turn can lead to heart attacks.

This article on cosmetic dentistry and dental health is written by Faye Meyers. Faye is an expert on dental medicine and dental health and writes web based articles that offer advices on oral health. To know more about oral health and cosmetic dentistry you can visit HX Dental for more information.