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Best Foods For Boosting Energy And Losing Weight At The Same Time

With increased researches on the biggest health issue of obesity across the world, majority of researches have concluded that besides exercise the other best option to lose weight is food. The foods you eat have a direct impact on either weight gain or weight loss.

The general characteristic associated with foods is to provide energy. Therefore, people these days are in search of foods that help lose weight and at the same time are good energy source. The lines give the best foods that increase your energy in addition to helping you lose weight.

1. Nuts:

The reason why nuts are an excellent weight loss and energy boosting food is because they come with a variety of nutrients in addition to the proteins.

The proteins present in nuts create a satiating effect and satisfy your hunger. Thus with nuts you feel less hungry, which means that your calorie intake will decrease consequently aiding in weight loss.

Pertaining to provision of energy, the vitamin, potassium, magnesium, fiber, calcium and the healthy fats present in nuts are the ones that ensure that every time you consume nuts you experience an energy boost and that too in the lowest calories possible. Thus, replace  your fried snacks with a handful of nuts for weight loss and nutrients intake.

2. Salmon:

Salmon is a world renowned source of protein. The proteins consumed from salmon are one of the best proteins one can get hold of. The proteins satisfy your hunger, thus by consuming salmon the chances of you overeating decrease and thus weight loss becomes easy. On the other hand, the omega3 fatty acids present in salmon are the good fats that serve as an energy source for the body. Therefore, salmon helps achieve both the objectives.

3. Grapefruit:

Grapefruit has long been known as a food to help in weight loss. The reason why it is great for weight loss is because to digest the calories brought by grapefruit, the body has to spend additional calories. Thus when the calorie burn side increases than the calorie consumed, it results in weight loss.

The reason why grapefruit is a good energy booster is because of pectin. This element is known to prevent several health diseases and provide sufficient amount of energy required to the body for better health.

4. Apricots:

Instead of a candy that comes with unhealthy fats and sugar, perhaps the best snack you can go with is apricot. The fiber in apricots makes them an excellent choice for weight loss, as fiber suppresses hunger and keeps you full for longer. On the other hand, the vitamin B and lycopene that comes with apricots makes them a good energy boosting source.

5. Carrots:

The reason why you should eat a carrot when feeling low in energy is because carrots are easily digest, thus the nutrients provided by carrots instantly absorb in the blood stream and elevate the energy levels. On the other hand, eating carrot as a snack is the best way they can be utilized as a weight loss food. Therefore, fill your bag with carrots and whenever you crave for something eat one and be marry.


In short, although the advancement in medicinal science has led to a place where you can use healthy supplements for energy, however, for weight loss you still have to eat the right foods if you want a healthy weight loss. Therefore, go for foods that come with various nutrients to boost energy in addition to the quality of keeping your hunger satisfied.

Author Bio:

There is lot of importance for the foods that helps in boosting energy and losing weight . The low fat combinations of healthy foods can be very useful.  Now you can also use healthy supplements for energy  for maintaing good health.