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Got your perfect dream house in Playa del Carmen? Now, get the Perfect Kitchen!

perfect-kitchen-playa-del-carmenI still remember the day when I became the proud owner of my Playa del Carmen condo. It was what you call a cute home with breathtaking view of the ocean. I felt a million dollars. Immediately I got down to customizing my home according to my taste. Kitchen was remodeled and it was a challenging yet fruitful experience. Before undergoing any home remodeling or makeover it’s imperative that you have the full picture in mind and know what you’re getting in to.

Here are some of the experiences summed up for you:

1) Choose a Look: Before even thinking about remodeling, decide what kind of a look do you prefer? While I chose a modern look for my contemporary looking condo, many people like traditional looking kitchens. It is a very personal choice and you should be firm about your decision before moving ahead.

2) Kitchen color: After deciding the look of the kitchen, the color is another aspect which requires the most attention. As we all know colors have the power to change the mood. The color palette around the house also needs to be taken in to account while selecting the color for the kitchen. Along with the color, the finish is also important. While some prefer wood finish, others prefer glossy ones. Since my new Playa del Carmen condo had a contemporary design, I decided to go with a modern design by a German company.

3) Kitchen Style: Nowadays kitchen are getting very hi-tech. There is a plethora of designs and styles. Different companies have many eye-popping styles. You have to choose a design which makes the most sense according to your needs, lifestyle, budget and maintenance capabilities. You can search for designs in vogue by reading home decor magazines and websites. They will give you a lowdown on all types of kitchen styles. Knowing the pros and cons of each style is also essential before deciding the style.

4) Get Professionals for the job: Kitchen remodeling is a big ticket expense. You cannot be too careful about it. Selecting the best professional for the job. Right from the designer to the craftsmen, getting the experienced and knowledgeable people for the kitchen is absolutely essential. A designer will design a kitchen according to your space, needs, aesthetics and budget. All the factors such as electrical fixtures, water connections, space for appliances and water outlets will be factored in to the design. Any goof-up in this can result in price escalations later on. Sometimes, design deficiencies are noticed at the later stages or once the job has been completed. In such cases, you have no option but to live the faults.

5) Work surface and accessories: Once all the major issues have been dealt with, turn your attention to other aspects. Stuff like tiling, work surface, flooring, sinks and faucets all contribute in a big way to the look and utility of a kitchen. Choose tiles which will match the kitchen colors and style. Similarly other accessories such faucets and sinks should match the style.

About the Author: Playa Real Estate Mall was founded by David Selva in 2009 to provide the best real estate services in the Riviera to buyers from USA, Canada, Europe and Mexico. Read David Selva’s Playa real estate blog.