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The Spinning Vs. Running Argument – How Do We Find The Healthiest Workout?

Sure, we’ve heard it all before. There’s a whole new approach to fitness out there with a workout that really does it all. It burns more calories than ever before, it brings on a near-nirvana endorphin high, it’s easy as anything to stay motivated, and it instantly transforms the athlete into a nearly super human entity. Wow, sounds great! What’s it called?

If only! Yes, it would be wonderful if the perfect workout was really out there, one that could transform our bodies with minimal effort, and provide such a fun experience that we find ourselves racing to the gym every day. As great as all that sounds, the reality is that even the best workouts have their pros and cons. Ultimately, any workout that tones, burns more calories, and takes us on an incredible athlete’s high is going to involve some good old endurance and sweat to really be worthwhile.

So, what are the best “real world” workouts out there for whipping us into shape, making us feel good while we’re doing it, and most of all, making us healthier? For burning fat, toning and bringing on real results, two workouts keep showing up at the top of the list: running and indoor cycling classes.

What’s The Best Route to Great Health?

These two popular workouts, hitting the road for a solid run, and working up a major sweat in an indoor cycling class, both bring on great benefits to health and well being. Is one really healthier for you than the other? Let’s take a look at the ways each of these approaches can really improve our health.

Burning Calories

Over and over again, health experts stress that losing weight is a boon for our health. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces stress on joints, lowers the risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes, and obviously builds confidence, too. How do running and indoor cycling classes stack up as far as weight loss goes?

Runners who really exert themselves can burn approximately 600 calories an hour. Practiced on a regular basis, running will really pay off as a slimming exercise. Spinning classes also provide a great opportunity for major weight shedding, as particularly committed cyclists can burn as many as 1,000 calories in an hour-long class. Basically, it comes down to motivation and sticking with either of these very solid workouts to realize significant weight loss. It appears, though, that indoor cycling may offer a slight edge.

The Low-Impact Aspect

Though running and indoor cycling both provide a great workout, indoor cycling, unlike running, is a low-impact sport, so it doesn’t place nearly as much stress on the joints. Indoor cyclists suffer from fewer injuries overall, due to the low-impact aspect of the sport. Indoor cycling is obviously the healthier workout for people with arthritis or other joint problems. But athletes should participate in some higher impact sports, if possible, in order to maintain bone density.

Balance and Endurance Issues

Running and indoor cycling are both challenging activities, which can help you to build up strength and endurance over time. Due to the health risks involved, people with serious cardiovascular problems should practice these workouts sparingly. For those in good health who are looking for a solid way to increase strength and deliver weight loss results, while also achieving an endorphin-powered sense of well being, both running and indoor cycling are healthy choices.

Which activity is really healthier? Ultimately, it all comes down to your individual situation, and whether or not a low-impact sport is better for you.