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Stress : It’s Making You Ugly and You Don’t Even Know About It


Is your face breaking out with acne and pimples? Are those wrinkles becoming more prominent? Perhaps those eye bags under your eyes are getting darker and darker because of sleepless night. You’re trim and yet you’re losing weight that doesn’t look good on you or perhaps you’re slim and lean before and yet you’re 2 inches growing into that slim pants of yours. Is your hair thinning out? Maybe your skin looked dry and old too. So what happened? Exactly, what had just happened?

You might blame the cream or the sun or the shampoo that you’re using but dear, it could be the stress that should freak you out.

The stress and skin connection

Whether we like it or not, the human brain and the human skin is interrelated with one another. From your grade school, you know that your skin is the largest organ in yoru body right? And a lot, like millions and billions, of your nerve endings are connected right to your skin. These nerve endings are connected to your organs and your organs, like your brain and heart are the ones responsible for your emotions. When your brain sends out stress signals, your heart picks up the pace and beats like a drum right? And together with that, your stress is expressed through your skin as well. Why, stress hormones like cortisol increases the production of oil in your skin and this makes you prone to acne and pimples.

But where does the connection really starts? The clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs said that the brain and skin connection actually starts as early as a child developing from the womb. There is an immediate connection between the brain and skin because they are derived from the same parent cells. So it would seem proper that when you’re mentally stressed, your skin reacts to it as well and becomes the reflection of what you are feeling.

Reflecting stress

It’s bad when you’re losing the appetite or gaining too much of it because you are too stressed. But it’s more stressing when you wake up one day with a zit in your forehead (or worse, your nose) and you’re dying to pick it with your fingers. You are actually showing signs of stress this past few days but to see those stress levels manifesting in your body adds more to the stress and anxiety that you may already be feeling.

In some cases, people who are stressed shows signs of alopecia or hair loss. The simple act of pulling your hair out because you are frustrated is now a nightmare because you’re losing more hair that you’re afraid to pull or even comb it in fear of getting bald.

Nail biting is another case or sign that you are stressed. Sure, it’s a normal thing you’ve always done but do you know that your fingernails is home to thousands and hundred thousands of bacteria that may not be really good for your skin? This behaviour of yours may be the reason why your tummy is not working the way it should be; it aches, it gives you cramps or it makes you visit the comfort room more often than you’d like to.

From a study conducted at the University of California in 2001, it was found out that cellular aging is faster on people who experience chronic stress. This results to premature wrinkling and sagging of the skin because damaged and aging cells lose water. This is also the reason why you have those fine lines and dark circles under your eyes making you look old.

The inner manifestation of stress

Looking old and feeling like old is an indication that something is wrong in your body. when you’re stressed, you’re not just showing it on the acne on your face, the dark circles under your eyes or the dry look in your skin. You may be suffering from loss of appetite, too much of it or you may be experiencing muscle cramps, tension headaches, difficulty sleeping and even disorientation. You may have ulcer already and the symptoms are exacerbated. Or perhaps there is an underlying medical problem that you don’t know and the symptoms are worse than it should be.

Beating the stress factor

Stress is something that you should take seriously, but you shouldn’t worry that you are alone in the world. Millions of Americans experience stress and studies show that simply thinking how much stressed you are makes you even more stressed. To avoid that, relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, exercise and the proper foods would help you beat the stress and anxiety that you are already feeling. If you are too shy to talk to your doctor thinking that they wouldn’t understand, then you have to make lifestyle changes as early as now to make sure that your everyday would be as healthy as you can be. Exercise regularly, hydrate yourself, get enough sleep, eat stress-busting foods and in no time, you’ll find yourself blooming healthy and radiantly beautiful once.