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Women -Say Yes to Dumbells!

Weight lifting is an activity that is usually associated with men. To think about weight lifting would evoke in our mind an image where a muscular man is struggling with large-size weights and shedding big drops of sweat. In the modern society, however, weight lifting is not all about muscle building—it is also about maintaining good health as well as good shape. In this light, having regular weight training is of great importance for women. What follows are three benefits brought about by weight lifting to women.

1. It Contributes To Building Up Your Physical Strength.

In the modern society, many office ladies spend hours and hours of a day doing office work in front of their computer. When they finish their job and go back home, usually they will still need to do their daily house chores, e.g. washing the clothes, cleaning the floor, etc. If such kind of life style is continued over a long period of time, their physical strength will be in decrease and they will feel more and more exhausted when they are at work or doing housework at home. Weight lifting, as a way to train the muscles, can be very helpful in constantly fueling physical strength to women as well as increasing their maximum strength. Even a weight lifting training program on a moderate scale, according to certain research, can increase a woman’s physical strength by thirty to fifty percentages on average. With greater strength, it would definitely be simpler for women to do all kinds of work.

2. It Contributes To Losing Weight.

Women are known for their concern about weight, which accounts for the great number of so-called weight losing products, e.g. some specially prescribed tea or food, some specially designed diet programs, etc. However, to lose weight, weight lifting is an equally effective method, which, compared with those products, has the advantage of costing very little money. Fat is the enemy of keeping a good shape, not muscles. In fact, the more muscles a woman has, the more calories she will burn during a day. Therefore, by building up the muscles through weight lifting, women can surely be able to lose fat and further lose weight.

3. It Contributes To Reducing Chances Of Many Diseases.

As a woman ages, she will have to face up with all kinds of diseases, e.g. osteoporosis, back pain, diabetes, etc. Although as a natural process these diseases can never be wholly treated, weight lifting can at least help postpone them as well as reduce their degree of seriousness. According to scientific research, weight lifting can reduce the chance of heart disease as it lowers the “bad” cholesterol and increases the “good” cholesterol. Also, as it increases the mineral density in spinal bones, weight lifting can greatly reduce the chance of osteoporosis. In a word, it can keep you younger and healthier.

Crystal is a Nutritionist who loves to blog on Diet and Nutrition in her free time.  She also follows research and contribution by Robert Mericle in Neurology.