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Yoga: It’s Spiritual and Weight Loss Benefits


Many consider yoga as a fad. But there are certain things in yoga that many have forgotten to highlight. Yoga isn’t a fad, it isn’t an ordinary movement, and it isn’t a religion.

Yoga is way of life that started from the Hindu beliefs in the past era. It keeps people healthy spiritually motivated and spirit centered. It isn’t only popular in the Western Countries but has been gathering so many followers in other countries.

As yoga had evolved, it had diversified into different types and genre, so to speak. It diversified from simple yoga in studios to outdoor yoga and even hot yoga complete with other equipments.

Benefits of Yoga Physically

So yoga starts out with the physical aspects of your body. It tones you down and then would work you later up to the inside. Some physical benefits are:

1. It tones down muscles. Due to poses and body challenging asanas, your muscles are stretched and will be toned down in no time. Each poses includes different muscles or parts of the body to be addressed.

2. It aids in flexibility. As you perform everyday or routinely the things that are akin to yoga and its goals, you will begin to develop your flexibility as well. The fact that each poses will strain your body t o perfection is proof enough that you are slowly gaining your flexibility through the asanas.

3. It perfects your balance. Balance is important in yoga poses that you perform. You can either become perfect or go on trying. Balance requires time as well as effort. You cannot attain balance in a wink of an eye.

4. You gain proper breathing habits. Plus breathing helps in burning fat easily.

5. It helps you lose weight. Losing weight is the best advantage and benefit that yoga can help you. As it tones down muscles and burn fats, you will slowly realize that you are losing it already. To further push it, you can opt to add more fitness routine and go on a diet that will help in the goals you set.

Benefits of Yoga Spiritually

Yoga draws out your inner soul as you try to do some poses, as you try to meditate and as you try to breathe in some yoga. The healing power of yoga also is coming from the breathing and the meditational aspects of the movement.

Yoga can heal internally and spiritually. Putting yoga in your everyday perspective as well as in your thinking and mind set can help in breaking down barriers brought about by hassles of day to day living. One can incorporate yoga not only in the practice but in your daily living such as in food, in thinking and in rational decisions.

In the past, as it had originated, yoga has been used to pose mind goals as well as spiritual goals. As it evolved today, it became a way of living that benefits not only its practitioners but those that surrounds the people of the movement.

The way of living of one is always dictated by his belief that is why yoga incorporated old eastern beliefs with the new and modern techniques in movement today.

An offshoot of yoga is Bikram yoga. It makes use of a hot room wherein the yogi or yoginis practice their asanas as they sweat. The better goal of this kind o yoga is to lose all toxins from the body as well as concentrate on not feeling hot, but on breathing despite the room temperature.
Other yoga includes beach yoga and outdoor yoga. They can be performed outside a studio with or without a yoga teacher. Some yoga enthusiast can practice yoga without the trainers as they try to bring their yoga in their travel and vacation.

Yoga and Vacation

Some yoga enthusiast has already put up some yoga retreat that will help travelers have some yoga vacation. Or some vacation spots may offer yoga classes as some tourists will not miss their sessions. It is a traveler yogi or yogini that can dwell with this fast and hectic schedule.

Yoga and Other Yoga Equipment

Yoga as a way of life and as a way to lose weight can have other options through equipments. These equipments are starting from mats, to blogs, to balls and cloths. The equipment does not only lessen any awkwardness to its new practitioners but it also helps in hastening the achievement of your goal.

Yoga as Support to a Medical Procedure

Some would also make use of yoga to supplement their weight loss procedure. After a liposuction for example (months after recovery) yoga can help in maintaining the weight and would even sculpt the body. It is as good as any fitness routine that your doctor will advise you to do.

How to Be safe in Your Yoga Practice

In order to incur safety, you must use all the proper equipment and follow all necessary rules. Wear the right clothing and have the best teacher. This way you will be able to keep any injury at bay and achieve your utmost goal at a short period of time.